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our next collection will be released fall of 2024. follow us on instagram to keep up to date on our next store opening!

simply crafted: refined wax, all natural paper wicks, 100% pure fragrance oil, locally sourced glass. each jar candle has over a 42 hour clean burn time. straight from our family to yours.

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our story

Almost 25 years back, my mom, Laurie, decided to turn her love for candles into something special. Frustrated with store-bought candles that never seemed to burn cleanly or evenly, she took matters into her own hands. Armed with determination and a kitchen full of wax and wicks, she began pouring her own creations on our family farm in the driftless region of Wisconsin. Little did she know, this humble start would grow into a thriving business over the next 22 years. Now, after two decades of filling homes with crafted comfort, she and her right hand woman, Laurie Sue, decided to retire. After many, many discussions about how we can't let this wonderful product fade away, myself (Laurie's youngest daughter) and my husband are embarking on the journey to continue on the family tradition.

As the second generation, we're excited to reopen the business and carry on the tradition of crafting candles that are hand poured with family heritage and quality in mind. We're honored to carry the torch, ensuring that the legacy of SpringHouse Candles continues to bring joy to your spaces.

The heart and soul of our jar candles and wax melts are staying just the same. They're all hand-poured. No big machines, just good old-fashioned care and attention. It's like each one gets a personal touch, making them unique in their own way. We use pure wax, all natural paper wicks, 100% pure fragrance oil, and locally sourced glass. 

We open our store once per season, designing 4 unique scents that are always tied to the season and inspired by our family farm, bringing a piece of our roots right into your home. 2 best-selling house scents, vanilla+honey and citrus+cashmere will be available all year round.

Thank you for supporting our small, family run business. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we're doing at the end of our mile long driveway, tucked away into the rolling hills of the driftless.

We're excited to keep sharing our craft with you.

Solvei and Garret Wallace