Our Customers

"Saying I love the candles and melts is an understatement. Truly, I am amazed by the high quality of the scents, wicks and glass containers. What immediately caught my attention is the even and clean burn. I do my homework and keep the wick below 1/4”. It’s perfect! The wax melts were what I consider “surprise and delight”. I have been a fan of the brand that sells the melts through “parties”. After trying the banana bread + coffee, I gave away their melts because SpringHouse are of a much better quality... I am a Product Quality professional. This is the first time I feel confident endorsing a small business brand. Small for now. Not small for long. "
"My absolute favorite candles to burn! I’ve never seen a jar look so clean & such cozy smells"
"... When I asked what she {my sister} wanted for her birthday, it took less than one second for her to answer -- this special candle she found in Wisconsin. That was more than ten years ago, and every birthday since she is happy to receive Springhouse candles.  One year I also sent her an expensive (Jo Malone) candle and was told it was ...okay, but not as good as Springhouse.  Over the years, I have appreciated the caring in manufacture and service that was always there when I placed an order, the consistent quality and selection of scents. So glad the tradition will go on!"

"My aunt has purchased candles from your mom for years. She shared with me the retirement email sent last year. I have transitioned to wax melts and am happy you are back! I love buying from a small business over the large box stores."

"I barely had the box open and my son started digging in it to see which ones he could take. We love all the scents!"

"I love the fall scents! I’m so happy I ordered the wax melts because I don’t have to worry about an open flame around my busy 3 year old, and they still smell amazing!"

"We are loving the candle. The scent is amazing it burns very cleanly. Those are my wife's words exactly"

"Your candles burn sooooo slow which I'm obsessed with."


Thank you for supporting our woman-owned second generation family business! We love to hear about the joy that our products bring into your home.