What is the proper way to burn a candle?

Never leave a burning candle alone; they are susceptible to separation anxiety and may start a fire!

  1. Trim wick to ¼ inch and light wick
  2. Check the flame a few minutes after lighting. You likely will need to extinguish the flame and trim the tip of the wick. A ½ to ¾ inch flame will produce a perfect burning candle.
  3.  Always let your first burn create a full pool of wax. This sets the pace for your future burn.
  4.  Remember to trim your wick during your burning session. Wicks are not self trimming. If you have black on your jar it means your wick is too long.
  5. Never extinguish your candle with a lid - This will cause your wax to smell like smoke!
  6. Keep away from children and pets and always extinguish your candle when leaving a room or before going to bed

How do wax melts work?

Wax melts release their fragrance by melting candle wax into it's liquid form. All you'll need is a wax melt warmer. This is the warmer we use in our home. The benefits of a wax melt is there is no open flame and you can have days of fragrance from a single melt! 

When your wax melt has lost it's fragrance, after 3-4 days on average, just pour the melted wax into an old container and throw it away. No need to wipe out the melter, just pop your fresh wax melt in and enjoy the instant scent!

What wax melter should I use?

You can use any product that is advertised as a wax melter, or wax warmer. This is the warmer we recommend. Some melters also allow you to melt candles! Same benefit as a wax melter - no flame, same great fragrance.

Why do you only open your store once per season?

We believe in grounding with seasons as they change, and this seasonal model allows us to do just that. We want to create high quality seasonal scents that help you transition from one phase of the year to the next!

How do I stay up to date on your next store opening?

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Where are your products made?

Our candles and wax melts are made in our candle shop, located on the Kromm family farm in the hills of the Driftless, outside of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.